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Faux Fur w/The Gooeys, The You Are Minez, Darren Wantz

Faux Fur w/The Gooeys, The You Are Minez, Darren Wantz FAUX FUR
Audet’s most successful and longest running project, Faux Fur was originally formed as a two-piece called Priests with schoolmate Julian Hampton. Soon after, Audet switched up the lineup to include Dadge for a spell before settling on second guitarist Michael Halls and drummer Andy Flegel (brother of Women masterminds Pat and Matt Flegel). The riff-heavy post-punk trio has played all over Calgary, including appearances at Sled Island and MTT Fest.

When bassist Ivo Musa departed from local bubblegum garage group The Gooeys, many wondered how they could survive without his inimitable playing. Audet stepped in, and has meshed perfectly with the group despite the setbacks of his underage status. “Some might think it’s a hassle and replace the youngster with an adult,” frontman Craig Storm says of their inability to play bar shows. “But he’s just really, really good, and I don’t feel like excluding him would be worthwhile.”

While Halls and Audet explore post-punk in Faux Fur, they really exercise their pop muscles in The You Are Minez. Audet writes songs for this group by recording a riff over and over again until the rest of the song forms in his mind. You might expect the results to sound mechanical; it usually results in vintage indie pop that’s both timely and timeless.

Somehow, writing lovelorn pop songs with The You Are Minez hasn’t left Audet barren for ideas, as he’s now waxing romantic with the acoustic-driven power pop of Darren Wantz. This is Audet’s current fixation, as evidenced on the brand new Deppy EP, which is a great place to start listening.