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Brandon Wallis

320190_10150353122104460_6390683_nBrandon Wallis moved from his hometown of Swift Current, SK to work in Vancouver’s film industry at age 18. After realizing it wasn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, he went back to school and earned a degree in New Media with honours. Between living in three different provinces (and roughly 10 cities), Brandon has worked as a freelance web designer, graphic designer, photographer, animator, and videographer/video editor. He has also worked in advertising sales and layout/design for a newspaper; set decoration, art direction, and props on several films; and a myriad of other jobs, ranging from roughneck to crab boat fisherman. Currently, he is the manager of content and production for the National Music Centre.

Managing Editor

Julijana Capone

10847811_10152510982671129_8578746322812653764_nOriginally from Winnipeg, Julijana Capone is NMC’s senior publicist and the managing editor of Amplify. Also a freelance writer, her work has previously appeared at HuffPost Music Canada, BeatRoute, Winnipeg’s now defunct alt-weekly Uptown Magazine, and more. For Amplify, she has profiled historic Canadian music venues—including infamous outsider nightspot Die Maschine in Winnipeg—and interviewed industry trailblazers, such as late teen idol Bobby Curtola, Vancouver’s original rock ‘n’ roll DJ, Red Robinson, blues queen Rita Chiarelli, and others.



Juliette Jagger

Juliette Jagger is a Canadian music journalist and writer. Her byline has appeared in such media outlets as Noisey, The Huffington Post, and This Week In Palestine. She is currently an editor of the National Music Centre of Canada’s online platform Amplify, and is the creator of ongoing interview series Origin Stories, which uncovers the inspiration behind hit songs.

Juliette has also held positions as Communication Coordinator for Canadian Music Week, and as the curator of New Music From The Inbox, an independent music segment that runs weekly via

She is relatively certain Mick Jagger is not her uncle.


Current Contributors

Sara Pun

Sara-Pun-bio-pic_400pxSara Pun is a native Calgarian, music therapist, and music educator. She is currently a PhD Ethnomusicology student at Memorial University in Newfoundland. Her passion is in world music with a special interest in Indonesian gamelan. Sara’s research will explore how music can bring communities together and address issues like intercultural dialogue through playing and improvisation. Her first love is the piano, and other instruments include guitar, clarinet, Balinese gamelan, Japanese taiko drums, and accordion. Music is powerful and she likes to share with new audiences how music can have a positive effect on health, overall well-being, and social change. She has published two books and they can be found at When she is not musicking, you can find Sara painting, practicing yoga, climbing a mountain, or embarking on her next adventure.

Hayley Robb

Hayley_150pixHayley is an emerging conservation professional, specializing in the care and treatment of decorative art and historical objects. A recent graduate from Fleming College’s Cultural Heritage and Conservation Management program, she also holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Art History from Queens University. After spending over six years in Ontario, Hayley is back in her hometown of Calgary, and is on contract with the collections department of NMC for the next year and a half. As objects conservator for NMC, Hayley is responsible for the recovery and re-organization of the electronic parts collection damaged in the Calgary flood of 2013. Though new to the world of electronics and instrument conservation, Hayley hopes to learn as much as she can from the talented collections team, without embarrassing the organization too much with her lack of musical talent.


Matt Williams

MattWilliams-ProfilePic-1000pxMatt Williams was born and raised in beautiful Winnipeg, Manitoba. For a long time, he fronted a band called Haunter that ripped off the music of artists like Pavement, Neil Young, and Dinosaur Jr. When they broke up and his life fell apart (only slightly related), he made the drunk impulse decision to buy a one-way plane ticket to Toronto. Now he goes to shows every second day, and writes and shoots photos for media outlets like VICE, NOW Magazine, and Exclaim!



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