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300—851 4 Street SE
Calgary, AB T2G 1P2
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Hours of Operation:
Wednesday to Sunday
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

T 403.543.5115

Annual donors are the life-blood of NMC. The funds we receive on an annual basis fuel NMC’s vision to be a national catalyst for discovery, innovation and renewal through music. Your continued support allows us to preserve and celebrate Canada’s music story and inspire a new generation of music lovers through programming that includes on-site and outreach education programs, performances, artist incubation and exhibitions. To learn more about NMC and our programs or to get involved contact us at

Thank you to our annual donors who help us spread the love, sharing and understanding of music!

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5 Anonymous Donations

Addit Construction

Alexander Brovkin

Alison Young

Allison Walters

Andrew and Ingrid Mosker

Anila and Stefan Lee Yuen

ARC Resources LTD.

Aviva Horwitz

Baris Sever

Bell Canada Inc.

Bernadette Gunn

Beverly Reid

Brent Hughes

Brian Mills and Susan Tyrell

Brian Phelps

Brian Rowland

Brian Stanko

Bruce Allen

Byron Mueller

C. Monty Leeds

Cameron Lang

Canadian Petroleum Tax Society

Canadian Western Bank

Carla Balzun

Carol Armes

Carol York

Cathy Heimbach and Erv Kimak

Charity Callahan

Charlie Fischer and Joanne Cuthbertson

Chevron Canada

Chris Delanoy

Christina Ho

Cindy McLeod

Colin B. Glassco

Colleen Fisher

Colleen Leiser

Councillor Druh Farrell

Craig O’Neill

Craig Story

Dan Dorland

Dan Owen

Daniel Levinson

Dave and Sandy Mowat

David Larson

Debra McDaniel

Department of Canadian Heritage

Donald Learning

Donated by Byron Kent Wong, on behalf of Brandon, Taylor-Phoenix, & Xavier Hilliard-Wong, and Garth Richardson. In tribute to Edmond Wong and Jack Richardson

Donna Pahl

Donna Rapp

Doug and Peggy Kay

Douglas Byblow

E – H

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Edward Evans

Elaine Crowell

Eleanor DiStefano

Elizabeth Reade

Ellen Stewart

Eric Alper

Eric Tilbrook

Freida Butcher

Garth and Angela Jacques

Gary Strankman

George Brookman

Gerald and Anna Maier

Gordon Vogt

Hamilton & Rosenthal LLP

Hamish MacAulay

I – L

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Jack Donald

Jack Karp

Jaimie Hill & Tammy Lynn Powers Foundation

James Hutchison

Jamie Finstad

Jaroc Holdings Ltd

Jenny and Hy Belzberg

Joe Chan

Joe Moreau

John and Donna Taylor

John Armstrong and Karyn Leidal

John Howard

John Peltier

Josh White

Kasia Garszczal

Katherine Teh

Kathleen Reyes

Keli Pollock

Kelly Rice

Kerry Lambert

Kimberley Robertson

Leanne Stanley

Leszek Hahn

Linda Spencer

Lois Hosein

Luu Ngo

M – P

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Marianne Kasper

Marianne Litwiniuk

Mary Kapusta

Meg Van Rosendaal

Melanie Huston

Melanie Jantzie

Melody Zaleschuk

Merilee Atos

Michael Ireton

Michael Wylie

Michel Savard

Mrs. Penny Young

Myra Kalakailo

National Bank of Canada

OCL Studios

Paula Morris

PCS Inc.

Peter Maitland

Peter McCombs

Q – T

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Randal Wiens

Randy McCoubrey

Renee J. Matthews

Rob Christopher

Rob Lemorande

Robert C Dickson

Robert Park

Ron Newborn

Rosanne Mills

Ruth McLean

Sam & Ida Switzer Fund

Sami Houry

Sano Stante

Shannon Bowen-Smed

Shawna Christensen

Sherilee Frew

Stephanie Pahl

Suncor Energy Foundation

Susan Lea-Makenny

Susan Riddell-Rose and Michael Rose

The Asper Family Foundation

Thomas d’Aquino & Susan Peterson d’Aquino

Tim Duffin

Timothy Bird

Tony Cioni

Tracy Taylor Fullerton

U – Z

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United Way of Calgary

Vincent and Christine Duckworth

Vivian McIntyre


William Grbavac

WRD Borger Construction

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