Artist in Residence


Through our Artist in Residence program, musicians from around the world explore and use our collection in the creation of new works. NMC’s vision is to become a national catalyst for discovery, innovation, and renewal through music.

The National Music Centre’s Artist in Residence program is generously supported by Bell Media.

Master in Residence

NMC Master in Residence workshops provide opportunities for emerging artists to gain unprecedented access to masters in various genres and aspects of music. Through mentorship, lectures, and hands-on workshops, Canadian artists benefit from the unique experiences and skills of these masters. NMC will recruit these masters, and work closely to develop specific programs that unpack their distinct skills to maximize benefit for participating emerging artists.

Stay tuned for more information on the RBC Master in Residence program.

Recording Facilities at Studio Bell

The National Music Centre's state-of-the-art recording facilities are now ready to record new music.

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