ATB Storytellers is a multifaceted project that includes a digital storytelling education program, an oral history recording initiative, live events with music icons, and an annual installation within NMC’s special exhibitions.

The Big Band era in Alberta

The big band era in Alberta provided a much needed escape from the depression and WWII. Dance halls sprung up across the province and the legacy of swing dances continues to this day.

What is Chautauqua?

The year 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of Dominion Chautauqua, a travelling cultural and musical celebration. Before radio and television, Chautauqua brought “the world to your door.”

Jann Arden’s Calgary coming of age

Born and raised Calgarian Jann Arden on her early years growing up in Calgary, the importance of music, and the special club she joined.

Jann Arden on “I Would Die for You”

Jann Arden talks about her breakout 1993 hit, her songwriting process, and what inspired the chart-topping song’s lyrics.

The songs of early settlers

“Belle,” written by Jason Kodie and Clint Pelletier, is a song about early settlers and voyageurs longing for the life they left behind.

Louis Riel’s farewell song

Performed by Calgarians Andrea Menard and Robert Walsh, “Sur le champ de bataille,” is a song derived from a letter written by Métis rebel Louis Riel to his mother. The letter is alleged to have been written in Riel’s own blood while he was in prison waiting to be hanged.

Tegan and Sara perform “The Con”

An acoustic rendition of Tegan and Sara’s 2007 song, “The Con,” performed during the 2016 ATB Storytellers Series at Studio Bell.

Tegan and Sara on their Calgary roots

Tegan and Sara discuss growing up in Calgary and how the city influenced their career.


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