Our lives are filled with music—from morning until night, we walk to the beat of our own soundtracks. Through music, we can discover, innovate and renew ourselves.

“I believe that music is a strong medicine and that a song can save your life.”

— Séan McCann

“To be able to sing these [Indigenous] songs in a space like this, […] and say: ‘We’re still here. This is our music. This has been our music for generations—and now we get to share it with you’— we’re finally at a place culturally where that is a conversation that can be had.”

— Jeremy Dutcher, NMC’s Artist in Residence

“Jam Club opens your mind as an artist and gets you to think about your own music. I’ve written about five songs by myself now, and I’ve begun going to open mics around the city. Jam Club has given me new opportunities and new ideas for the future.”

— Christian, Jam club member since 2014

“I learned music is science; it’s very fun to play too. It also comes out of you like feelings in your heart.”

— Chelsa, Fish Creek School Student

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