Our lives are filled with music—from morning until night, we walk to the beat of our own soundtracks. Through music, we can discover, innovate and renew ourselves.

Music is powerful. It connects people with each other. It makes us grateful. Feel alive. Inspired. Warm. It makes us wonder. Remember. Travel across time. Happy. Music can be therapeutic, uplifting, relaxing, energizing, beautiful, and healing. At any age and in any culture, it is an integral part of the human experience.

Thanks to your support, the National Music Centre can amplify the power of music and its impact on the community.

“To be able to sing these [Indigenous] songs in a space like this, […] and say: ‘We’re still here. This is our music. This has been our music for generations—and now we get to share it with you’— we’re finally at a place culturally where that is a conversation that can be had.”

— Jeremy Dutcher, NMC’s Artist in Residence

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