Eitetsu Hayashi: Japanese TAIKO Drum Concert Tour with Eitetsu FU-UN no KAI

In the spirit of celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Canada-Japan Diplomatic relations, the Japan Foundation presents Eitetsu Hayashi: Japanese TAIKO Drum Concert Tour with Eitetsu FU-UN no KAI. Japan’s premier solo taiko drummer, Eitetsu Hayashi, will tour across Canada, making a stop here at the Studio Bell in Calgary.

The legendary musician will be touring with his ensemble of young drummers, the FU-UN no KAI. The sound of the taiko knows no boundaries, and will resonate with Canadian audiences across the country. The Eitetsu Hayashi concert will give people in Canada a rare chance to experience the musical creativity of an artist at the forefront of taiko drumming in Japan.

Eitetsu HAYASHI is Japan’s premier solo taiko drummer. Born in Hiroshima, Japan, Eitetsu started his taiko career as a founding member and performer of the world renowned group Sado-Ondekoza which he worked with for 10 years. After he left the group, he was one of the founding members of KODO in 1981.

11 years after leading these taiko ensembles, he began his solo career in 1982. As the first ever taiko soloist, he pioneered a new style of soloing, incorporating the massive O-Daiko, or big drum. This new method required techniques and physical stamina previously unknown in traditional Japanese taiko playing.

A special thank you to the Consulate-General of Japan in Calgary for co-organizing the concert and also the generous support of the Calgary Japanese Community Association, National Association of Japanese Canadians and Mount Royal University.

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