Get heavy with Black Tongue and guests - live at NMC!

Formed January of 2013, Black Tongue is one of the heaviest-hitting new bands in modern metal. Constantly labelled as one of the most original and groundbreaking bands in the underground scene, these up-and-comers have amassed numerous endorsement deals, and various label interests almost since day one. Their debut EP “Falsifier” has been rated 11/10 and 9.5/10 by independent reviewers and is receiving a ton of praise from both beat-down and traditional metal fans alike. 


They hit Calgary on tour July 15th for their first ever Canadian tour. The 'Born Hanged' Canada tour is to promote their new EP out May 8th by the same name. They tour with Florida band Traitors on We Are Triumphant, who are also touring in support of their latest self titled EP. Galactic Pegasus rounds off the tour package with their first ever highly anticipated show in Calgary promoting their latest EP 'Pariah'. 


Local support come from deathcore groups Plaguebringer ( Ex-Columbian Necktie ), and the record holders for more Rebirth Events shows the almighty Lie Among Us. Hard hitting new bands Snakepit, and melodic hardcore group Processions start the night off right. Not a show to be missed by lovers of heavy music !


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