What if a visit to the museum was as exciting as going to a music festival? That sense of excitement, discovering new artists, hearing new sounds and celebrating with friends – this is the approach NMC is taking to developing our exhibitions.

Curiosity will drive visitors to explore the sounds, light and interactive activities pouring out of the 22 individual exhibition stages, encouraging them to engage in an ever-evolving discussion around music in Canada.

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Level One

Canada Music Square/
Drop-in Zone/RSM

Welcome to the National Music Centre—a year ‘round music festival. Make yourself at home, plan your visit, take in a live show, make music with friends, or sign up for an NMC program or tour.

Level Two

Music Mosaic

We are what we create. Canada’s identity is reflected in our music. Since the earliest of times, many people and cultures have contributed to the vibrant and creative music scene in Canada today.

This level holds two main stages and two side stages, plus a 300-seat theatre.

Level Three

Power of Music

It stimulates your brain, moves your body, and nourishes your soul. It can make you cry in your popcorn or yodel at the top of your lungs. Music is powerful stuff.

This level holds three main stages and two side stages.

Level Four

Making Music

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, we can all make music.

This level holds four main stages plus two side stages.

Level Five

Celebrating Music

On this floor we celebrate recognized Canadian musicians who have left their mark on this country and beyond. And if there’s a special musician that you’d like to bring into the fold, we’ve got room for that, too!

This level holds three main stages and two side stages, plus another space for special/temporary exhibitions.


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