Full Day Experience: Grade 3 to 6

Location: Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre
Cost: $320+GST/class (up to a maximum of 30 students)
Length: 3 + hours

Full Day package includes:

  • Custom educational guide for students, What Music is Made Of

Find out What Music is Made Of with this custom educational guide for Grade 3-6 learners. Students will use the guide to explore the galleries, doing fun activities about hearing and sound, oral storytelling, and the history of music in Canada. As the students explore the galleries, our highly skilled educators will perform interactive demonstrations to encourage participation and hands-on, ears-on, minds-on learning.

  • One classroom based program: Choose the program which best suits your curriculum needs! We currently offer three classroom programs for this age group.
  • 15 minute Kimball organ theatre demonstration

Curriculum targets met:

  • Hearing and Sound
  • Storytelling
  • Alberta: Histories and Stories
  • Communities in the World
  • Physiology of Hearing

Full Day classroom options:


Hearing and Sound

Length: 60 minutes
Location: NMC Classrooms

Get a close up look at struck, plucked, air and electric instruments. Apply the concepts of pitch, volume and timbre to the art of making music. Pick from a wide variety of instruments and make the entire hearing and sound curriculum come to life!



Words to Song

Length: 60 minutes
Location: NMC Classrooms

From harmony to rhythm to structure, all music is built from patterns of sound. Students will explore how to make patterns out of words, using rhyme, repetition and syllables. Finally, students will learn to recognize patterns from their favorite songs, and then use those patterns as a springboard for creation. Part composing workshop, part sing-a-long, all fun!


Making Instruments

Length: 60 minutes
Location: NMC’s Makerspace, Soundbox

Explore the concepts of sound vibration, resonance, frequency and timbre through interactive exploration of sound with hands-on instrument building and technology.


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