Hearing and Sound Roadcase

Take your students on an in-depth investigation into the science of sound!
Grade: 3
Curriculum connections: Fine arts, science, ICT
Location: At your school
Length: Two weeks
Cost: $150 plus GST and shipping (pick the case up yourself for free shipping)
This Roadcase is available in English only.

Vibrations are powerful forces! This Roadcase provides the resources students need to undertake a disciplined inquiry into the topic of hearing and sound. The activities are designed to sequentially build understanding of the various aspects of sound including vibrations, pitch, volume, and timbre and the case brings instruments from NMC’s collection including an auto harp, Sonica, and melodica into your classroom.

Roadcases are travelling kits that include lesson plans and materials to support a broad range of curriculum connections. These Roadcases provide teachers with information and tools to engage students through hands-on experiences using instruments and artifacts from NMC’s collection.

“Having these particular instruments to demonstrate was wonderful because they were not the standard instruments that they are used to seeing or hearing. Having the actual instruments to demonstrate on gives the students hands-on experience with vibration and how sound is produced. It makes it real for them. The visual and hands-on is so much better for the students because it stays with them longer than just reading about it.”

— Teacher, St Bede School


Booking dates

The Hearing and Sound Roadcase Roadcase is available for the following two-week periods. Please select your preferred session(s) from the list below. Delivery/pickup arrangements will be made upon confirmation of the booking.

Completing this form does not confirm your booking. Confirmation will be made via phone or email.

If you have any questions about booking a Roadcase, please contact the education bookings team at (403) 543-5119 or email us at education@nmc.ca.


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