The “Yukon gold mine of vinyl” auctioned off in Whitehorse

March 13, 2017

Every once in awhile, a massive collection of something appears out of the blue from somewhere and makes a big splash in the collecting community to which it belongs. Most recently, that just happened in quite the unexpected location: Whitehorse, YT. Way up north this past weekend, radio station CJUC auctioned off around 3500 vinyl records that had previously just been hanging out under a porch.

The CBC reports that Rob Hopkins, who helped launch the radio station years ago as a software developer, ran a place in the ‘80s called Frontier Electronics, and the records are largely the leftover stock from the store, as well as just albums he picked up at garage sales and other stores going out of business. He stored them all under his porch (in a safe, dry space—don’t worry) and they’d been collecting dust there for over 30 years, until he recently sold his house. Hopkins decided to donate them to be auctioned off by CJUC. Volunteer manager of the radio station, Bill Polonsky, dubbed it the, “Yukon gold mine of vinyl.”

Of course, anyone who amasses a 3500-strong record collection isn’t about to just give all of it away. Evidently, Hopkins is a big fan of ‘70s prog rock, as he mentioned that he’s unwilling to part with his, “super-rare Electric Light Orchestra coloured vinyl, and inflatable E.L.O light bulb.” And who could blame him? I mean, have you ever heard “Mr. Blue Sky?” There’s no denying Jeff Lynne can write a hook.


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Matt Williams is a writer and photographer living on Canada's beautiful East Coast. He was born and raised a flatlander. He's on Twitter @MattGeeWilliams.

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