We need volunteers who rock!

With the opening of Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre, we are looking to build a volunteer supergroup of over 400 music lovers with a wide range of talents and skills. We’re calling this group the Scotiabank AMPcrew!

Join NMC’s dedicated and diverse group of volunteers to meet new people, support music in our community and share your love of music.

There are many rewarding and valued Scotiabank AMPcrew opportunities at NMC depending on your interests, abilities and the amount of time you can offer.

When you volunteer with NMC, you will be directly involved in helping us deliver our mission and vision to the community — amplifying the love, sharing, and understanding of music — and helping NMC to become a national catalyst for the discovery, innovation, and renewal through music.

Our promise to the Scotiabank AMPcrew:

NMC is committed to providing a fun and safe place to volunteer. We also believe in providing opportunities to develop and build new learning skills, foster a place where stories come to life through music, help visitors discover new ways to look and listen to music, and meet new friends.

We look forward to learning more about you and so we can provide you with a fun, challenging, and rewarding volunteer experience. Welcome!


Volunteer Opportunities

NMC offers a wide variety of volunteer positions at Studio Bell, ranging from special events to positions with advanced training and specialized skill sets.




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More information